Do you find yourself at home with your little ones during this season of life?  Whether it be temporary due to a maternity leave, or a permanent new role for you, be encouraged and know that you are not alone, and there is lots of support available to you!

Mom Cafe is a monthly meeting place where you can gather, drink coffee, and share your experiences with other moms who are walking the same journey!

We want nothing more than for you to succeed in your role, so along with guest speakers, we will present a different topic each month for you to explore together, while offering practical advice and guidance to encourage you to look beyond "surviving" these early years of motherhood!

Join us the first Tuesday of every month, 9:30am at Alexandra House in Crescent Beach!  Sign up to be on our mailing list so you can stay in the loop!

​Monthly topics will include:
Family budgeting

Women's Health

Self Care
Routines & rhythms in the home
Rewards & follow-throughs
Healthy balance
Extra curricular activities
Celebrations and special occasions

Kids off to school… now what??!!

Mom Cafe

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