We are Certified Birth Doulas through DONA International, and are active members of the Doula Services Association of B.C..  Our inspiration is drawn from our own natural birth experiences, and journey with motherhood. We look forward to playing a role in this part of your life, and feel honoured to have this opportunity to know you and your family so intimately.

From our knowledge, training through the DONA Birth Doula Training program at Douglas College, and our own personal experiences, our role as Certified Birth Doulas includes:

  • Comfort and pain management techniques, including the continual use of our TENS unit during your labour
  • Emotional and physical support before and after birth
  • Facilitating communication between mom, partner and clinical care providers
  • Resources and informational support
  • Explanation and discussion of practices and procedures
  • Nurturing and protecting of the memory of the birth experience.

Our role does not include:

  • Performing clinical tasks, such as taking blood pressure or temperature, fetal heart rate checks, vaginal examinations, or postpartum clinical care
  • Prescribing treatment; we will always direct mothers to check with their primary care provider before using any application
  • Speaking on behalf of our clientsAs your Certified Birth Doulas, we offer several packages to meet your specific needs.  With our base package we will meet with you four times; twice before the birth, during the birth, and once following the birth.

We will also remain on call from the first visit until two weeks postpartum, unless further arrangements have been made. We welcome calls and e-mails at any time to discuss questions and concerns.

Let us come alongside you to help welcome your beautiful baby into the world, and offer support, guidance, and love throughout the process.

All of our birth doula packages include a brand new set of 4 large self-adhesive electrodes for use with our TENS Units during our time together.  We also have some added extras to help preserve the memory of your baby’s birth.

Contact us for more information on my other birth doula packages, and details on visits.  We also have special rates for returning clients & referrals.

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"Charissa was an amazing support to us from the very first meeting to our last visit together. She provided more than enough information to us in preparation for the birth of our first child. She was an invaluable part of our labour and truly laboured with us! After our baby was born, she was sure to follow up and ensure that we were all doing well. Not only is she professional and punctual, she goes above and beyond the call of duty - she brought us food and cleaned up the kitchen! We are happy to say that not only is she an excellent doula - she has also become our friend. Thank you Charissa for your EXCELLENT work with us!"


"I gave birth to our daughter November 5 2013... This was my first child. I contacted Charissa and immediately knew she was the one we would chose...

Once I went into labour she was all of this and more! She was with me right away. She made me feel at ease and told my husband how to help me with each contraction. She knew exactly where I was at and got me to the hospital at the perfect time! Which resulted in me having a natural birth without any drugs and a beautiful healthy baby! 

I have told everyone that she was a "Godsend" and without her I would have been at the hospital far too early, as you just don't know! And then most likely would have had a very different story! 

I can't imagine doing this for the first time without her!!! My husband agrees!!"