Sylvie Ellison

My inspiration is drawn from my own personal experience as a mother to 3 beautiful adult daughters.  In my early 20’s, as a new mother mother, I had my first opportunity to support a friend through the birthing process.  What an awe-inspiring, and beautiful, experience that was!!  It was an amazing blessing to be asked to participate in the miracle of birth.  Walking alongside a friend was beyond anything I had experienced before.

While I have spent many years raising my own beautiful daughters, this passion for birth has not subsided.  Now that my "active" mothering days have slowed down, my now “empty-nest” has brought me to a place of finding purpose in new and exciting ways.  My desire is to nurture and bless women and their families with support, love and guidance in their personal birth experiences.

I have since completed the Birth Doula Training Course offered through Douglas College.  I hold an active membership with the Doula Association of BC and volunteer my Doula services for those who are in need of support but cannot afford it.  I believe every woman deserves and should have a Doula if she wants one and there should be no barriers to that.

Babies are wonderful miracles and having the opportunity to be a part of your birth story would be an honour!


Together, we are a team committed to supporting you through pregnancy, childbirth, and navigating those early years of parenting!  We tailor all of our support services to your needs, because no two women are the same!

Through our training at Douglas College, we look forward to serving our clients in a new capacity by teaching Childbirth Education Classes!  By educating expectant parents through the birthing process, it is our hope to better equip them for the rewards and challenges that lie ahead.

As active mothers of school-aged children & teens, we are highly skilled in the practical – and necessary! – areas of home organization, menu planning, toilet training, and many other concierge and parental coaching services designed to help make your life easier and more efficient.  We are continually educating ourselves to better serve our clients.

Contact us today so we can discuss your family’s needs.  Our goal is to come alongside your family and provide the support, love, and care you deserve!

Shaunna Martin 

I am excited to join Alongside Family Support Services in 2014!  My journey into motherhood began nearly two decades ago when I gave birth to my daughter, followed by my son three years after that.  With the support of family, I began to walk the parenting road with my spouse.

I draw much of my passion from my own personal experiences with birth and motherhood, as well as my professional experience with the BC medical system.  As a 20 year Registered Care Aide for Vancouver Coastal, I have been witness to many of the gaps in our medical system.  Gaining my Certification in Pediatrics to compliment my role allowed me an even great opportunity to see how women must be supported and loved through these transitional years.

My experience with many different ethnicities has only supported my desire to support ALL women through the prenatal, birthing, and postnatal process.

Charissa Martin

My journey into motherhood began nearly 14 years ago when I gave birth to my eldest daughter.  Nothing prepared me for the months and

years ahead. While I dealt with the various trials that come with having a baby (and soon after two more babies), I personally wrestled with various forms of postpartum depression. I often wondered how I could truly be the fabulous mother I longed to be.

Through my faith, and the support of those around me, I joyfully survived those early babyhood years, and I long to share my experiences and knowledge with other women in need of guidance and support.

My passion and desire to preserve and support every woman through the birthing process led me to complete the DONA Birth Doula Training course at Douglas College.  In turn, I earned my Doula Certification through DONA International’s very thorough certification process 8 years ago, and have served more than 200 labouring women to date!  I hold an active membership with the Doula Association of B.C., and volunteer my time through various local charities and schools.